[tor-dev] Tor QA stress-testing advise

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 19:29:18 UTC 2013


Is there any info from current Tor QA use?

I am trying to reproduce a Tor bug that causes a Windows-based Tor node 
to crash (BSOD). The bug needs lots of Tor traffic going through the 
node for it to crash.

I am looking for information on the safest way to diagnose a crashing 
Tor node, without harming user data or the live Tor overlay.

I would prefer to test offline, not using the live Tor overlay, since it 
may destroy user's data, perhaps harm nearby nodes, and I'd rather not 
have to deal with cleartext PII issues when studying the dump file.

Is there any existing private Tor overlay, perhaps used by some academic 
research purposes, that I could briefly use for this test?

I don't have lab resources available to setup a private Tor network. Is 
Tor-Lab, or that other similar virtual Tor network tool (Karsten-based?, 
JTorCtl-based?) up-to-date and usable for current Tor builds?

Is there a way to use the live Tor overlay to get some script-generated 
traffic through a specific node, without letting any real user traffic? 
Wouldn't that traffic harm adjacent nodes and overlay as well?

Any related advice appreciated.


PS: Thanks to those involved with recent checkins to get MSVC compiler 
support working again; this will give me working Windows-style symbols 
in the dump. That is really useful.

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