[tor-dev] torsocks release pending: towards a release candidate

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Sun Jan 27 04:16:30 UTC 2013


Nick and I have been working on a torsocks release. At this point, I
think we're at the point where we want to declare a release candidate
which if it has no blockers, we'll likely call it a release. I think
we'll call it version 1.3 as that seems to have been the intended version.

Here is the git repo for all pending changes:


I'll likely merge this pending-changes branch into master in the next
day or three.

I've gone through all of the torsocks bugs on the Google code site and
closed them out. The few that were sorta valid I've decided to close as
unsupported as they were either 0) working for some or 1) totally
obscure use cases that we never explicitly wanted to support.

I think this also includes all of the pending Debian fixes and thus
Debian can use our mainline release without patches after the next release.

If anyone is horrified, wants to suggest other patches for inclusion, or
has anything else to say (related to Torsocks) please speak up!

All the best,

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