[tor-dev] All the problems about Stegotorous

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Wed Jan 16 17:25:30 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 01:23:03AM -0700, vmonmoonshine at gmail.com wrote:
>  If ST get a page with a short explanation and a link to its
> ticket (like Flashproxy does) maybe attracts more attention.  

We should definitely put a page like that up. Let us know if we can do
anything to help! :)

(asn or I or others can do the website commit)

I think we (you? :) should work on a TBB bundle (like the other pluggable
transport bundles people are working on) that ships the simplest most
efficient steg module(s) we've got, so Stegotorus can get some actual
users and start collecting usability/crash/etc bug reports.

I bet Alexandre et al would be happy to bundle in another thing, with
their current obfsproxy-and-flashproxy bundle.

How big an issue is
to such a combined bundle?

> > and further
> > development
> > by SRI is complicated by their pub review requirement (which alas
> > applies
> > to their code contributions too).
> >
> I don't know about this "pub review requirement". Could you give a ref
> to read more about it?

Their relationship with their funder means that the funder wants 30 days
of warning before they publish anything (papers or source code). Also,
the funder can tell them not to publish something (though in practice
they probably won't ever tell them that).

Fortunately, Tor has no such constraint (if we did, we would probably try
to arrange it so nothing we publish was written "because of" the funding,
and turn down the funding if that failed).


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