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Bin Wang binwang.cu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 06:47:44 UTC 2013

Dear Guys,

I am brand new to TOR and I feel like multiple TORs should be considered.
The multiple tors I mentioned here are not only multiple instances, but
also using different proxy ports for each, like what has been done here

I am trying to get started with 4 tors. However, the tutorial applies to
Arch Linux and I am using a headless EC2 ubuntu 64bits. It is really a pain
going through the differences between Arch and Ubuntu. And here I am
wondering is there anyone could offer some help to implement my idea
1. Four TORs running at the same time each with an individual port, privoxy
or polipo or whatever are ok once it works.
8118 <- Privoxy <- TOR <- 9050
8129 <- Privoxy <- TOR <- 9150
8230 <- Privoxy <- TOR <- 9250
8321 <- Privoxy <- TOR <- 9350

2. In this way, if I try to return the ip of, 8129, 8230 and
8321, they should return four different ips, which indicates there are four
different tors running at the same time. Then, a few minutes later, check
again, all four of them should have a new ips again.

I know my simple 'dream' could come true in many ways, however... I am not
only new to tor, but even also to bash and python... That is why I come
here and see whether some of you could light me up.

These links might be useful:

Bin Wang
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