[tor-dev] All the problems about Stegotorous

vmonmoonshine at gmail.com vmonmoonshine at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 19:18:17 UTC 2013

Hello everybody,

I was talking to Roger yesterday on the IRC, and he mentioned that
"[S]tegotorus ... has a whole lot of problems". I have heard this many
times in different forms by now (in Florence, The sponsor F discussion, 
etc). But I never saw these "lot of problems" are broken down in a list,
so at least one can attack them one by one. It was always "lots of problem".

So, let this email be an appeal to all of you who have some problem,
deficiency, architectural dissatisfaction, etc with Stegotorus, write
back on this thread, so at least we have written account of these
problems and dissatisfactions? 

Then I'll turn them into the tickets as the very first step toward
their solution. Also it can serve as written account of difficulties
involving the making of any HTTP transport. 

Thank you for your contribution in advance.


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