[tor-dev] Andrea's December 2012 status report

Andrea Shepard andrea at torproject.org
Sat Jan 5 01:44:18 UTC 2013

Hi all,

In December 2012, I:

 * Worked on parallel relay crypto, but didn't finish implementation
   in time for the Dec. 10 merge deadline, so that'll be headed for 0.2.5
 * Reviewed a bunch of patches for 0.2.4:
   * CREATE2/EXTEND2, NTOR and curve25519 (bugs 7199 and 7202)
   * IPv6 exits (bug 5547)
   * Per-circuit DNS cache and AutomapAllHosts (bugs 7570 and 7571)
   * TLS ECDHE (bug 7200)
   * Fallback directories (bug 572)
   * Directory guards (bug 6526)
 * Reviewed a patch submitted in bug 7590

In January 2013, I plan to:

 * Get back to and hopefully wrap up parallel relay crypto
 * Implement some changes to the patch for bug 7590 needed for portability
   that I recommended when reviewing it.
 * Investigate reports that bug 7350 has risen from the grave

Andrea Shepard
<andrea at torproject.org>
PGP fingerprint: 3611 95A4 0740 ED1B 7EA5  DF7E 4191 13D9 D0CF BDA5
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