[tor-dev] Vidalia 2.0 - an complete rewrite

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Thu Feb 21 20:05:18 UTC 2013

Ok, a python rewrite sounds good. I'd speculate that it eases
development and more people are speaking it and willing to contribute.

These are the issues I see so far with Vidalia.

- I am running Tor under Debian and they set it up to run under the
debian-tor user account. Vidalia should run under which user account?
How can Vidalia modify /etc/tor/torrc?

- When starting TBB, there is no progress bar. There was usability paper
that people see the Vidalia icon and think they could start Firefox and
are not aware, that Tor Browser is still running in background.

- No easily usable plugin structure.

- It would be awesome if people could make something such as a wordpress
plugin, which sets up wordpress as hidden service. Just as an example,
or another blog software or web service.

- No functional torrc editor (only in Vidalia alpha).

- can't easily use an obfsproxy bridge

- can't easily use a fashproxy bridge

- no first time connection wizzard

- can't easily add multiple socks ports (for stream isolation)

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