[tor-dev] Tor Browser Launcher

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Tue Feb 19 06:31:46 UTC 2013

Jacob Appelbaum:
> adrelanos:
>> Micah Lee:
>>>>> Well, which should your users be using? From my perspective, I think you
>>>>> should give them the alpha and help them report bugs! :-)
>>> Interesting idea. Anyone else have opinions on this? I think I'd be fine
>>> giving people the alpha, but I also don't want to annoy people with too
>>> many bugs.
>> No, please no alphas by default. This defeats the purpose of alphas. As
>> a fast solution: stable only. As a medium solution: allow choosing
>> stable or alpha. As an ideal solution: allow both to coexist.
> This is all alpha software, no?


I know, it's not your voice, but the Tor blog frequently talks about
"New Tor Browser Bundles" and different "Alpha Bundles Available for



is "more Alpha" than


>From a user perspective accustomed using the default download from
torproject.org (for my os) of TBB, I think the logical course of action
for a download automating tool (Tor Browser Launcher) is also using the
default download.

I enjoy that there is some testing of the ("more") alpha bundles before
I get it presented as the "more stabilized but still alpha" bundles -
even though all anonymity tools are in their overall nature still alpha.

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