[tor-dev] [Stegotorus] Dropping proxy test result

vmonmoonshine at gmail.com vmonmoonshine at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 07:46:21 UTC 2013

Hi Zack,

I added --drop-rate option to the tester-proxy and committed it to
f--bad-proxy-ack-tester branch. I confirm that Stegotorus fails
webpage-tester test when the drop-rate >= %10. Now, I'll go and look at
the problem in more depth.

Generally speaking, firefox is less successful in fetching web pages than
webpage_tester, i.e. curl. I don't know why but I hope that problem will
go away, when the problem with ack is solved.

And on this:
> Speaking of, vmon, I know you had trouble getting libcurl and libevent
> to play nice -- did you ever look at libevhtp?
First glance, I don't think it's helpful. It's an http server, isn't it? I
need a http client which send the GET Request but let libevent to read
the replay (only write in the socket).

Hopefully I'll have more useful information soon.


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