[tor-dev] Gitian Build Failure (pt branch only?)

tor-admin tor-admin at torland.me
Sun Dec 15 07:59:54 UTC 2013

On Saturday 14 December 2013 19:26:41 Georg Koppen wrote:
> FWIW, this is probably https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10153
> Georg

I am seeing the following error for the Mac bundle:

****** Starting TorBrowser Component of Mac Bundle (2/3 for Mac) ******

sha256sum: x86_64-apple-darwin10.tar.xz: No such file or directory
--- Building torbrowser-mac for precise amd64 ---
Stopping target if it is up
Killing target since it did not shutdown within 10 seconds
Making a new image copy
Formatting 'target-precise-amd64.qcow2', fmt=qcow2 size=11811160064 
backing_file='base-precise-amd64.qcow2' encryption=off cluster_size=65536 
Starting target
Checking if target is up.
Preparing build environment
rsync: link_stat "/home/user/make/gitian-builder/inputs/x86_64-apple-
darwin10.tar.xz" failed: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 
23) at main.c(1070) [sender=3.0.9]
./bin/gbuild:21:in `system!': failed to run copy-to-target  inputs/x86_64-
apple-darwin10.tar.xz build/ (RuntimeError)
        from ./bin/gbuild:86:in `build_one_configuration'
        from ./bin/gbuild:84:in `each'
        from ./bin/gbuild:84:in `build_one_configuration'
        from ./bin/gbuild:223
        from ./bin/gbuild:218:in `each'
        from ./bin/gbuild:218
        from ./bin/gbuild:216:in `each'
        from ./bin/gbuild:216
make: *** [build] Error 1

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