[tor-dev] InjectSOCKS: 2nd try

tor at herr-der-mails.de tor at herr-der-mails.de
Fri Dec 6 17:59:33 UTC 2013


I've first sent this e-mail to help at rt.torproject.org and the answer 
was to send a copy of it to the "tor-dev mailing list". So that's 
what I do:

I just wanted to let you know that I've created a small new tool for 
Windows called InjectSOCKS that can force other Windows software to 
do TCP connections via SOCKS. This way software not supporting SOCKS 
can be used together with Tor. You don't need any additional HTTP 
proxy or other proxies. As an example it works for passive FTP, too.
Additionally it handles the DNS requests of that other software in a 
way that while creating the SOCKS connection, Tor gets the textual 
address - so the exit node can resolve it (which is the way favored 
by the Tor developers). This way Tor hidden services work as well. 
And it works per Windows process, so it doesn't influence the whole 
operating system.
In case you're interested in my software, I've put it on sourceforge 
to make it open source:
The tool is far from being perfect yet, but I think some of the ideas
are interesting.

By the way, I've also created DNS2SOCKS, which is already listed on 
Tor's Wiki:
It seems like several people like it, so I hope that some people
will also like InjectSOCKS.


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