[tor-dev] Torbirdy - IMAP issue

griffin at cryptolab.net griffin at cryptolab.net
Fri Dec 6 06:23:25 UTC 2013

   Amusingly, I've had this happen myself. Even though my default was set 
to encrypt outgoing messages, it still sent several unencrypted drafts 
to ioerror (of all people).[1]  *However*, I was not using TorBirdy -- 
just the combination of Thunderbird and Enigmail.

   Now Thunderbird is set to *not* automatically create/save drafts.  
Works like a charm. =)


[1] http://i.imgur.com/HWzAiJ3.gif

Il 06.12.2013 05:10 Nima Fatemi ha scritto:
> It doesn't have anything to do with TorBirdy. All you really have to 
> do,
> is to have Encryption on by default in Enigmail.
> Your drafts are now going to be encrypted. Problem solved!
> Bests,
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> Nima
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