[tor-dev] Orbot+Orchid redesign

Bruce Leidl bruce at subgraph.com
Mon Dec 2 16:53:30 UTC 2013

> This makes me wonder: Would it be helpful to start compiling a big
> list of things which could go wrong with a Tor implementation without
> making it obviously broken? I think a checklist like that might help
> people working on compatible implementations to have some idea what to
> look for once you have something that interoperates. Would you have
> found that useful? Would you find that useful now?

Yes, for sure.

I would have found that very useful because the delta between a working
implementation and a secure implementation is quite large and a
checklist would allow me to go down the list and at least *know* that
I'm missing things. Some of these details may even be underspecified and
there would be no easy way for me to find out about them.


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