[tor-dev] Using Stem's descriptor fetching module to replace the Java consensus-health checker

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Tue Aug 20 16:21:09 UTC 2013

>> Nope, not getting through. Asking for my addresses to be whitelisted....
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/9537
> Looks like this is already solved.

Ooops, evidently not. Reopened it.

>> Done...
>> https://gitweb.torproject.org/atagar/tor-utils.git/commitdiff/e6d378a
>> Btw, it looks like they presently *are* out of sync...
>> NOTICE: Authorities disagree about the BadExit flag for
>> 7E6A3AA70A156167E7AE543E50EF54321EC80AF0 (with flag: Faravahar, without
>> flag: tor26, moria1)
>> NOTICE: Authorities disagree about the BadExit flag for
>> ADF62D3A1305F0B5404D41EEDADA68ECD294FC60 (with flag: Faravahar, without
>> flag: tor26, moria1)
> Are you sure?  AFAIK, Faravahar never voted on BadExit.  Which
> valid-after time was this?

Ack! Had a bug...


tor26 and moria1 actually did disagree about those fingerprints, but
Faravahar isn't involved. Odd, I thought we had three authorities
voting on the BadExit flag.

> Peter runs the IRC bot.  The interface on which it accepts input is
> simply an email address.  You could send it the same content that you
> send to the mailing list, or a different output.

Sounds good. If he tells me the address I'll send notifications to it.

> Sure, we can do that.  The easiest way would be that I run your script
> on yatei.  Should I do that, similar to how I run DocTor on it?

Could, the only gotcha is that it's presently sending through my
auxiliary gmail account so we'll need to swap it to
metrics at yatei.torproject.org (or something else) first. How are you
sending emails?

> We can later give you access to yatei (which you'll also need for
> co-co-maintaining metrics services), or we could run the script on a
> new, tiny VM.

My vote would be for another VM since this is relatively unrelated to
the present metrics infrastructure.

> I prefer repository names that aren't too descriptive, because if we
> ever want to extend or narrow scope of a tool, the name might confuse
> new people.  That's what happened to metrics-db which doesn't even use a
> database anymore since I split off the metrics-web part.

Good point.

> How about we add your script to the DocTor repository?  Again, to be
> quick, you could simply send me a patch produced with `git format-patch`
> or tell me a repository to pull from.
> And if we want to do this right, we should give you a personal
> doctor.git and push rights to the official doctor.git.

Sounds good! Would you mind filing the ticket to grant me push
permission for doctor.git and create a user/atagar/doctor.git repo?
I'll then push my tor-utils.git history into a new branch in

Cheers! -Damian

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