[tor-dev] Globe without search term

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Aug 12 06:23:03 UTC 2013

21:43 #tor-dev: < rndm> karsten, looks like this now if it gets the
                        maximum number of results

You're not online now, so replying via email:

Looks really good!

Minor tweaks to the phrasing:

"To avoid too many requests," -> the better motivation is that a) we
don't want to overload the poor Onionoo server and b) reduce delays and
bandwidth requirements for the client.  I think users will understand b)
better and not care much about a).  How about "To reduce waiting time
and limit bandwidth usage," ?

"try to use a search word" -> this message also shows up if the user
tried a search term that is too general.  How about "try to refine your
search" ?

Thanks!  Nice work!


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