[tor-dev] Status report - Stream-RTT

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Sat Aug 10 21:52:44 UTC 2013

> As far as I understand it it's not necessarily wrong but it might be the case
> that a response that does not belong to the call is received first: Assume a
> single program making two extend_circuit() calls within a short time. If the
> first EXTENDED response is delayed for some reason, both calls receive the
> EXTENDED response belonging to the second call -> both calls use the same
> circuit ID.

If I understand this correctly you're thinking that multiple calls to
extend_circuit() cause parallel EXTENDCIRCUIT requests, and the first
response would be used for both callers. Is that right?

If so then I would be very interested if you actually see that
behaviour. Stem provides thread safe controller communication. See the
msg() method of the BaseController - though the Controller's methods
are called in parallel the actual socket requests are done in serial
to prevent that exact issue that you describe.

Apologies if I'm misunderstanding what you're describing. -Damian

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