[tor-dev] GSOC - Internet Censorship Virtual Machine Based Simulator

Claudiu Perta claudiu.perta at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 23:59:49 UTC 2013


Hi Tor team,

I'm Claudiu, a second year PhD student in CS at Sapienza University (Rome,
Italy) and I would like to work on your GSOC idea to build a VB-based
simulator for OONI. My main research topics are network neutrality and
broadband measurement and I'm currently working on a project on traffic
shaping detection. I also partecipated to last year GSOC when I developed
in Python a server selection mechanism for M-Lab (

I've worked in the past with Netkit (
and I think it meets all the requirements of this GSOC project.  Netkit is
an open source project,based on user-mode linux[1], a linux kernel that can
be executed as a user  process on a standard linux box. In particular, each
virtual machine in Netkit can be configured to play the role of a regular
host, of a router, or even of a switch.  For this project, each test could
be set up as a ‘netkit lab’, which is a set of preconfigured virtual
machines that can be started and halted together. For example, one virtual
machine running ooniprobe could be connected to the external world through
a second virtual machine that implements various censorship policies,
specific to each test.



[1] http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/

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