[tor-dev] New Google Summer of Code idea

Milosz Godlewski mgodlewski at wi.zut.edu.pl
Tue Apr 30 15:42:27 UTC 2013

Greetings everyone,
I want to share with you my idea to increase security.

I would like to create a add-on to the Tor Browser Bundle application, which will ensure protection and control of out- and in- connections. That add-on will enable setting a maximum time of data transfer between the
user and the web, thus we can radically improve the privacy of user in web. For this purpose we are going to add one of open source firewall to the Tor Browser Bundle application. This extension will inform the user about request of connection and then, dependently on the user’s choice will block (or not) whole in- and out- traffic, in order to allocate time of execute into every web site (every server) in a bookmark, Firefox or Flash  animation. After the report of connection request trough any web application, it would be possible to add the maximal time, gave to the application for data transfer. It gives the possibility to block the unlike sending and  downloading information in the background, for example after receiving whole content of the site. Example: block the chat in Facebook or block the execution of application, working in the background (bootnet type) It  could be also possible to set a temporary time of blocking OR unblocking applications ( in future maybe also external). This application can start working on the console, but it’s worth to add pop out information after  some time. In the other window it will be possible to show a list of active applications (which actively downloading data) in order to unfold and “take a look” which card is downloading files from server. In other words we would like to block all applications’ access to the internet without the users knowledge, when Tor works.

Hope you will like it :)
Miłosz Godlewski

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