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Sun Apr 28 22:21:09 UTC 2013


> talked quite a bit about iron python for stem. Considering that you
> have some windows experience maybe a tutorial for making stem work
> with iron python and/or Visual Studio would be a good fit? I'm adding
> Lee to the cc in case he has some thoughts.

Interesting idea, after some light tinkering today I managed to run it with stem 
onboard, I'm unsure how much patching this will need (or rather how much can be 
done), but I'm on it.

After giving it some thought I've come up with a polished and hopefully even more 
appealing version of GSoC project.

The task list includes:

* connections.py
 (#7910, porting from arm; since I will be digging into it deep anyway, throwing 
netstat.exe and workaround for the anti-debugging patch (#3313) in the mix would 
make sense and makes it quite a meaty task.

* Migrating config utils
 (#8251, porting from arm)

* Extending Stem's module overview by additional horizontal submenus
 (#8780, the nesting gets a bit wilder but it's doable)

* Fetching descriptors independently

* Optimizing desc queries

* Making stem work with IronPython
 (there are some things in stem.process and stem.util.system that require attention 
from what I can tell so far, and there's probably be more to it.)

* Controller.assign_next_stream()
Pretty self-explanatory, there's a bit of back and forth to make use  
__LeaveStreamsUnattached, it's not horrible but we can do better

Tutorials. Timewise I'm listing them as the last thing, mainly because I there's the 
least uncertainity involved, stem will (hopefully) undergo some changes and I (also 
hopefully) get much better at making the best out of the library.

There is room for setting up and managing a relay, gathering statistics,
I definitely want to push controller's potential further (the more I work on #8728 the 
more fascinated I am by possibilites enabled by manual circuit creation and 
stream attachment. :-) )

Something Windows-specific will be useful to go along with making stem 
IronPython enabled, there's a constant problem with lack of good curses 
counterpart on Win, so that would mean reaching for non standard module (I'm 
aware of pdcurses with python bindings floating around).

That's how  in the main I envision spending the summer under the Tor's flag.

I'd very much like to hear your opinon and any suggestions.

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