[tor-dev] Stem GSoC 2013

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Sun Apr 28 01:59:48 UTC 2013

> connections.py looks interesting, doing *nix specific tasks is nice for a change,
> since I'm dealing with win32api much more often.

I just finished attending Linux Fest Northwest during which Lee and I
talked quite a bit about iron python for stem. Considering that you
have some windows experience maybe a tutorial for making stem work
with iron python and/or Visual Studio would be a good fit? I'm adding
Lee to the cc in case he has some thoughts.

Speaking of connections.py, if you improved it during the port to stem
to also support Window's netstat then that would greatly help in
porting arm to windows...


> Coupled with tutorial ideas how is the above shaping for a project proposal?
> Do you think there's enough to make it a busy summer?

It would certainly make for a fine proposal. I *think* it'll keep you
pretty busy throughout the summer (development rarely finishes early
after all, especially when testing is involved). Any thoughts on what
kind of tutorials you would like to add?

Cheers! -Damian

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