[tor-dev] Stem GSoC 2013

tomasz.kunikowski at gmail.com tomasz.kunikowski at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 01:00:53 UTC 2013

Hey Damian,

(I hope I got replying to digest right this time around).

Thanks for all the feedback and assistance so far, it's an immense help.

> The right way is to add this capability to tor, and the hacky way is
> to construct a normal circuit, truncate the exit, then replace it.

The closest thing possible at the moment, I imagine, is:

circ1 = new_circuit( [] )
... getting nodes on the path ...
circ2 = new_circuit( [circ1_node_1, circ1_node_2, desired_exit_node] )

> * Navigation of our API documentation presently sucks a bit. Two ideas
> for things that could help it are...

> https://trac.torproject.org/7632
> https://trac.torproject.org/8780

Actually #7632 caught my eye from the very beginning as an interesting project, 
but the issue holding me back from mentioning it is that it's not just a matter of 
mere implementation, but also researching the right solution, and only then 
assessing e.g. how much time it would take.
That being said, I'm really interested in this one and if I gather more intel on the 
matter in the following days I'll definitely get back to it.

#8780 Sounds like fun, I thought about alternatives since I am not a biggest fan of 
horizontal drop down submenus but I couldn't find a better way to get a quick 
overview of the module insides, so I'm planning on including this one in 

Next on comes Controller.assign_upcoming_stream() (working name), skipping 
adding this functionality, especially since I'm already in the process of getting 
some hands-on experience just seems like a missed opportunity.

Both #8248 and #8257 require some more research on my part and I'm looking 
forward to taking them on.

As for ports from arm, I'm really excited about torrc parser because I never really 
got around to write a porper config parser and finally there's a good reason for it.

connections.py looks interesting, doing *nix specific tasks is nice for a change, 
since I'm dealing with win32api much more often.

Coupled with tutorial ideas how is the above shaping for a project proposal?

Do you think there's enough to make it a busy summer?


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