[tor-dev] Stem GSoC 2013

Tomasz Kunikowski tomasz.kunikowski at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 13:14:03 UTC 2013


I favor GSoC projects that are collections of small items rather than

a single big one (that way the incremental pieces are helpful, even

if the project isn't quite fit into the summer).

 We're on the same page here, I think more tasks of a smaller scope is the
way to go.

The next area I was planning to primary focus was client migrations,
> which would involve work with TorBEL and Tor Weather...

I've looked through both TorBEL and Weather and while undoubtedly they
could use some love,
I think I'll follow my heart and stick with Stem :)

Please don't take my ambiguity in regards to any concrete ideas as lack of
interest on my side -
it's that the more I learn about Stem (and I try to dedicate it most of my
free time) the better I can
assess its current needs and areas of lacking and come up with something

As far as tutorials go, I was thinking about dealing with manual stream
attachment (as a follow up to #8728),
exploring more operations on circuits i.e. tearing down, forcing hops
through specified
countries or address ranges (maybe a more robust example as an excuse to
come up with good
 use cases for REDIRECTSTREAM and TRUNCATE).

As for the Stem itself, I'd love to work on adding any missing
functionality (against the Tor protocol or expanding the lib itself), but
I'd like to hear your suggestions
where the real priorities and missing spots are first.

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