[tor-dev] GSoC 2013 - "Compass"

Emanuel Pascoal l27253 at alunos.uevora.pt
Fri Apr 26 01:18:19 UTC 2013

Goof Night,

My name is Emanuel Pascoal, i have 20 years-old and i'm from Portugal.
I'm developing studies in the area of computer engineering in the
University of Évora.

I have knowledge in Python and a little of Java.

I would like to make my candidacy in the project named"Compass",  that are
tagged on your ideas lists for Google Summer Of Code 2013.

I would like to discuss the project in order to try to understand the best
way to submit the application. I want to know more details about the ideas,
so that you can outline what the best ways to make the project as well as
the resources that I will need, and be able to think about the time we'll
need for the project's development.

I would have the most pleasure in work with your community, researching and
developing the previous ideas, in any way that i can be helpful.

Thanks for the time spent,

Emanuel Pascoal
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