[tor-dev] Atlas/Compass GSoC 2013

Newk newkdukem at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 21:26:54 UTC 2013


I'm Nikola, 1st year student in the university in Skopje, Macedonia. Around
6 months ago I've put a tor relay at home - one of only two running in the
whole country (the other one is placed in the local hackerspace, also the
only one in the country). Being interested in internet anonymity and
network security, I've started reading about how tor works and how I can
make a contribution in the project.

I would like to work on Atlas and/or Compass (even Vidalia or Arm), because
as a tor relay owner, I've met some points I would like to improve.

Any thoughts?


As a late blooming activist, I would like to contribute to this project
even if I don't be selected for this years GSoC program. The reason being
that in couple of years or less, you will see my country as a place where
democracy quietly ceased to exist. And tor will be the only way reaching to
the outside. On this note, I'd like to add that my goal is not only
contributing by improving tor, but also making a shout to the free-minded
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