[tor-dev] Obfsproxy support for Tor Browser Launcher

Micah Lee micahflee at riseup.net
Tue Apr 16 17:31:10 UTC 2013

I want to make it so Tor Browser Launcher users can optionally choose
to install teh Obfsproxy TBB instead of the normal one, but I have some
questions about that on this issue:

Maybe someone here knows the answers. Here's the question:

Do the obfsproxy bundles have the exact same release schedule as normal
TBB? I know what the current alpha and stable version numbers are by
looking here: https://check.torproject.org/RecommendedTBBVersions

At the moment it seems like the current alpha is 2.4.11-alpha-2, and
the obfsproxy bundle is at that same version too. Is it ever
recommended to run the "stable" obfsproxy bundle?

Micah Lee
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