[tor-dev] txtorcon [GSoC 2013]

Anshul Singhle anshul.singhle at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 12:14:33 UTC 2013


I'm a fourth year undergraduate student of Computer Science at IIT
Kharagpur,India. I'm interested in applying for Gsoc this year for
Tor. Specifically i'm interested in the project on txtorcon/stem
integration. I have worked on twisted before developing ssh and git
daemons using it. I'm a newbie at tor development though. Could
someone point me to what is required for a good application for this
project? Do I need to submit a patch to Tor? I have no experience
working with stem. Could someone give me pointers on where to start?
PS - You can view my twisted code at -
https://github.com/lonehacker/Drupal.org-Git-Daemons . My
contributions are under the id [anarix]

Anshul Singhle

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