[tor-dev] (Py)Obfsproxy Debian packages

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Tue Apr 9 11:41:34 UTC 2013

"George Kadianakis" <desnacked at riseup.net> writes:

>> George Kadianakis:
>>> we have decided to keep the Obfsproxy name and simply replace the old C
>>> codebase with the new Python codebase. It seems that 'obfsproxy' is an
>>> extremely powerful brand name and changing it will result in user
>>> confusion.
>>> That said, what is the best way to update the Debian packages so that
>>> they
>>> contain the Python codebase?
>> obfsproxy will be in Wheezy. So in any cases, if the binary package name
>> is going to stay the same, it would probably be better to have a version
>> number for the Python codebase higher than the previous implementation.
>>> Lunar, how did the Debian package creation go? Do you need any help? We
>>> should name the new packages 'obfsproxy'.
>> The package is waiting in the NEW queue:
>> http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/pyobfsproxy_0.0.2-1.html
>> Do you plan to rename the Git repository, project page and all for the
>> Python codebase? If not, we can have the source package "pyobfsproxy"
>> create a "obfsproxy" binary package that would superseed the package
>> currently in Debian. It could only be done after the actual "obfsproxy"
>> is removed, though.
> So here is my list of things that must be done to complete this transition:
> """
> Codebase changes:
> - Change the format of future tags _and_ release tarballs from
>   "pyobfsproxy-X.X.X" to "obfsproxy-X.X.X".
> - Change the name of the executable of Python-obfsproxy from
>   "pyobfsproxy" to "obfsproxy".
> - I don't plan to replace all "pyobfsproxy" strings to "obfsproxy" in
>   the codebase. I will change the ones that are easy to replace, but I
>   will leave others intact. I will also leave the old tags
>   (pyobfsproxy-0.0.1, etc.) as is.
> - Tag a new Python-obfsproxy release: "obfsproxy-0.2.1". The last
>   C-obfsproxy release was "obfsproxy-0.1.4", so the new tag should
>   give the impression that Python-obfsproxy is more advanced.
> Git repository changes:
> - Move /obfsproxy.git to /pluggable-transports/obfsproxy-legacy.git .
> - Move /pluggable-transports/pyobfsproxy.git to
> /pluggable-transports/obfsproxy.git
> Linux distro packages changes:
> - Notify Linux distro package maintainers that the codebase of their
>   "obfsproxy" package should be replaced with the newer Python codebase.
> - Somehow (blog post?) notify bridge operators that they should start
>   using the new obfsproxy, with all the new transports enabled.
> Miscellaneous:
> - Try to fix Internet hyperlinks that point to
>   gitweb.tpo/obfsproxy.git or other dead links caused by the operation above.
> - Try to edit documents on the net that use the term
>   "Pyobfsproxy" in a confusing way.
> """

Now that the obfsproxy-0.2.1 is done [0], maybe we should do the git repo pivot.

weasel, would you do the honors?

I guess what must be done is:
- Move /obfsproxy.git to /pluggable-transports/obfsproxy-legacy.git .
- Move /pluggable-transports/pyobfsproxy.git to /pluggable-transports/obfsproxy.git .
- Add redirects or HTTP 301s to /obfsproxy.git and to /pluggable-transports/pyobfsproxy.git .


[0]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/pluggable-transports/pyobfsproxy.git/tag/2ba59127ea785c7f8fcaf60c7b9472a1de6ba000

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