[tor-dev] Embedding tor in an application and using tor without opening a port

Navin Francis navin.kurupacheril at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 04:38:49 UTC 2013

Hi Waldo:

It seems like like we are trying to do almost exactly the same thing :)

You also mentioned that you got Tor working as a visual studio project. I
was trying to do this myself, but its really a PITA since the Tor
configuration does not generate a visual studio project and the VC++
libraries don't play well with the cygwin libraries (I thought that Tor
only supports cygwin on windows). If your code compiles, I would really
appreciate it if you can upload it somewhere.


On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 9:20 PM, wac <waldoalvarez00 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Nick:
> > * Using process isolation to isolate Tor from its controllers makes it
> > easier to tell Tor bugs from controller bugs....
> > * Using process isolation to isolate Tor from its controllers can also
> > make it easier to secure each of the two domains properly against bugs
> > in the other, especially if you're using OS or VM sandboxing features.
> This is a point I think is valid to consider. Thanks for pointing it.
> However a library is not equal to lack of process isolation. I could have
> the application (for instance the browser) launch a process being a thin
> layer around the library and exchange data using some IPC mechanism. That
> could be a future step.
> >plus maybe another library that would find a running Tor or launch one as
> needed.
> Is there a standard way of doing this? If not maybe would be good idea to
> define it. A way to know if Tor is running and the listening
> interfaces/ports. Authenticating it if possible, I would not like to have
> malware pretending to be Tor and have it easily steal all my network
> traffic because of this. Perhaps finding the binary somehow and check the
> hash? And avoid malware using Tor as a presentation key to then shut it
> down and replace it. Good questions I think. Maybe this should be just
> configurable by end user instead of doing it automatically until they are
> answered.
> If platform dependent I think could be defined for each platform.
> > That way we wouldn't have a huge pile of apps all stuck downloading
> their own directory
> >information
> I have no intentions to drop cached information, I actually pretend to
> share it as much as possible. Ok is not a perfect world, some will happen.
> Maybe this could be defined as well to allow diverging implementations
> filling other niches than Tor, share already downloaded data or refresh it
> in a cooperative way.
> > Nonetheless, people keep wanting to do it the way you suggest, and it's
> free software, so do what you like.
> Correct, freedom of choice ;). Other ppl is not able to decide what's best
> for me! Anyways recommendations are always welcome.
> Regards
> Waldo
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