[tor-dev] torrouter development

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Sep 12 21:01:51 UTC 2012

ficus at robocracy.org:
> Hello tor-dev!
> I would like to contribute to the torouter (aka TorRouter, aka
> OnionBox?) project, with the intention of getting a "functional"
> development image for the DreamPlug hardware released in the next few
> weeks.

The best bet is to jump in with the trac tickets here:

As one might observe, the dates are pretty far off - we could use some
help in prioritizing them and normalizing things. There are a bunch of
tickets open that need discussions and I'd hoped for some feedback about
a year ago but I think it is better late than never!

> The goals of the torouter project seem a bit vague (especially w/r/t a
> transparent torified WiFi access point), perhaps this is why development
> slowed down previously. I will attempt a design document and
> specification, but mostly focus on making the core components (debian,
> tor, web interface) functional and configurable, such that they could be
> leveraged by others as solutions to specific use cases. Will this be
> useful to others?

Yes, absolutely. The goal of the torouter is simple. We want to provide
a (home) router that runs Tor as a bridge or a router by default while
also providing all the expected features of such a router, with next to
zero configuration. I think the phrase was "plug and play, without the
play" and we hope to do this by normalizing all of our work into Debian
proper. The extra stuff such as opening a torified WiFi access point is
a nice to have and while we did implement it, a web interface is
probably more pressing.

> It seems like the preferred collaboration tool is the trac wiki and
> tickets. Many of the torouter tickets seem stale and incomplete, and the
> roadmap on the trac wiki is very out of date. Unless there is advice
> i'll ignore those but continue discussion on tickets like #3854 (Summary
> of outstanding things with Torouter) and #3453 (Torouter desires and
> features).

I propose that we update the road map with realistic dates and for us to
discuss the things in the tickets, even some of the closed tickets could
use some thought.

All the best,

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