[tor-dev] torrouter development - Who is in charge?

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Wed Sep 12 18:30:46 UTC 2012

> I think the project will get more interest and attention from more
> experienced (and busy) Tor developers once the "broken, does not turn on"
> type problems are fixed; at that point a more formal design/review iteration
> on specific device configurations and functionality can take place.

Hi ficus. I spoke with Runa on irc and it sounds like this project is
pretty much mothballed at the moment. You're certainly welcome to hack
on it, but be aware that it doesn't really have a maintainer at the

As is tradition for open source projects, you're certainly welcome to
fork it. Also, we have several other things listed on the projects
page that are being far more actively developed (if you'd like to work
with one of us)...

Shameless plug: I'm certainly more than happy to have help if python
related stuff strikes your fancy. ;)


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