[tor-dev] Parallel release series for directory authorities?

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Sep 5 03:07:08 UTC 2012

Roger Dingledine:
> On Sat, Sep 01, 2012 at 12:36:51AM +0200, Linus Nordberg wrote:
>> Just a thought. A few of the directory authorities, I think at least
>> three, as well as the bridge authority run packages/ports only, not
>> builds from source. We'd have to package our -da branch ourselves for
>> those I guess. But that's probably a better option than the others.
> Right. The people who are willing to run from git generally are fine
> running master (and helping to find bugs), so it's really the people
> who only run from packages that we need to consider here.

I think one thing to consider is just making the building of deb
packages a bit easier. I did this with weasel in Italy and it wasn't
actually too painful; if I were to document those steps, would anyone
actually build debs for themselves? Or is the issue actually building
the debs more than anything else?

> Maybe we should just enumerate the eight directory authorities and their
> habits, rather than trying to generalize too early?
> - I generally run moria1 from git master, to maximize the cool new bugs
> I can find.

I do the same.

> - I think weasel only runs tor26 from debs. I wonder what he would think
> of us asking him to deb up a separate git branch for just a few people?
> He says "I don't mind running 0.2.4 - it's not worse than running a fork
> of 0.2.3."

It seems like it might be nice to have a deb that builds a deb with
custom options- sorta like the old djb packages. There are a lot of
variants that would be nice - arm, tor-fw-helper, a specific git rev,
etc. One package that generated a deb with your flavor of Tor would be
pretty neat. I think though, I just heard weasel's head explode... ;-)

> - Linus runs maatuska from git, and is happy with git master too.
> - I'm not sure about gabelmoo, dizum, dannenberg, turtles, and urras.

I run urras from a frequently updated git tip of master. It has a few
small patches but nothing major or of consequence.

All the best,

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