[tor-dev] Automating Bridge Reachability Testing (#6414)

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Oct 23 18:30:00 UTC 2012

Hi Isis!

On 10/12/12 6:48 PM, Isis wrote:
> So, I am rushing to meet the final deadline, but I still think it is doable. I
> have mostly finished up my OONI work for the month, and I planned to spend the
> remainder of this month working on the bridge test.

Sounds good.  Does "working" include something deployed?  Do we need to
involve weasel or anybody else to make this happen?

Can I help by analyzing any data produced by your bridge reachability
scanner?  I can probably make room for that.

Also, what shall we do with your tech report draft from the #6414 ticket
description?  We did not promise to write such a report in the
deliverable text, so we can drop that if it helps you make more progress
on the code.  Of course, if the report is almost ready and you want to
include it in the deliverable, then let's do that.

> ... [technical details] ...

Sorry for not being able to give you feedback on technical details.

My only comment is something that, I think, Nick or Roger taught me a
few years ago: perfect is the enemy of good.  I'd rather see us deliver
a very basic bridge reachability scanner than have a great plan and then
not deliver anything.


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