[tor-dev] questions about extending circuit

succer110 at tiscali.it succer110 at tiscali.it
Fri Nov 30 00:38:33 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I need to create specific circuit, specifying the exit route.
I've already found http://www.thesprawl.org/research/tor-control-protocol/ but this explain how to create circuit with nickames.Suddenly, nickname are not univoque and i think tor have problem creating circuit when the nickname of the exitroute is "Unnamed".Sometimes the creation of a new circuit fails:extendcircuit 0 hackerspaceseoul552 No such router "hackerspaceseoul"extendcircuit 0 HackerSpaceSeoul552 No such router "HackerSpaceSeoul"extendcircuit 0 HackerspaceSeoul552 No such router "HackerspaceSeoul"Even if https://atlas.torproject.org/#search/hack told me they are online.
And sometimes this appends even with TorCtl.py
DEBUG[Thu Nov 29 23:40:45 2012]:Extending circuit[!!!] Error creating circuit:  552 No such router "Communist"

How can i fix? 
Thank you :)

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