[tor-dev] Proposal 205: Remove global client-side DNS caching

Tim Wilde twilde at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 01:43:10 UTC 2012

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 7:54 PM, Nick Mathewson <nickm at freehaven.net> wrote:

> [tl;dr: We should make client-side DNS cacheing off by default.]

Nitpickery: s/cacheing/caching/g

> Applications that care about speed should be doing a one-round-trip
> connect mechanism: either a SOCKS request with a hostname in it, or a
> TransPort request to an automapped address.  If client-side DNS
> cacheing is disabled, these behaviors result in Tor sending the exit
> node a RELAY_BEGIN cell with a hostname in it.  If the exit node is
> has received a request for that hostname recently, it will have the
> answer in its DNS cache, and the use of the hostname won't slow the
> request down.  If the exit node has _not_ received a request for that
> hostname recently, there will be no answer in its cache... but neither
> would there be any answer in a per-circuit DNS cache for a circuit to
> that exit.
> Applications that do a two-step "resolve then connect" approach will
> be a little slowed down in cases where Tor would have kept the answer
> in the client cache.  But they would already be slowed down somewhat
> by proposal 205, which can't be avoided if we want proposal 205's
> improved security.  See note on automapping below for a workaround.
> (And if you're asking, "Why would I even want to disable client-side
> DNS cacheing?", see proposal 205, linked above.)

FWIW this makes sense to me from a DNS point of view, and I agree that the
one-trip case should be no worse under this proposal than it was previously.

> Incidentally, elsewhere in the proposal I said,
> >   If the application is doing its own DNS caching, they won't get
> >  much security benefit from here.
> It looks like a bunch of applications *do* DNS cacheing.  For them, in
> 0.2.4, I'd suggest maybe running Tor in a configuration where every
> name lookup gets automapped to a random IPv6 address.  That kind of
> automapping should be possible in Tor 0.2.4 , if the changes in ticket
> #7571 are right and get merged.

Alas, yes, and browsers (I'm looking at you, Firefox) are some of the worst
offenders (though hopefully not in the "normal" Tor case of SOCKS).  I have
issued many curses towards applications doing their own caching (often
ignoring TTLs too, of course).  The automapping in question seems sane to

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