[tor-dev] Working on GUI

vimalathithan vimalathithanit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 21:00:17 UTC 2012

Hi, I am new to this community. 


A group consists of 5 members from School of Informatics and Computing,
working with Professor Jean Camp on a research paper.

Our research is to carry out a case study after making changes in the UI of
Tor Browser.


Could anyone here, please provide a link to learn more about Tor UI to get
started with the development activities. 

Also it would be of great help, if some related document are shared.


Please apologize me, if I posted my query to a wrong mailing list or my
query sounds naive.



Vimalathithan Rajasekaran

Graduate Student - Computer Science

School of Informatics and Computing

Indiana University - Bloomington

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