[tor-dev] Proposal: Make bridges report statistics on daily v3 network status requests

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue May 15 07:01:29 UTC 2012

On 5/10/12 5:46 PM, Nick Mathewson wrote:
> On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 4:31 AM, Karsten Loesing <karsten at torproject.org> wrote:
>> here is the proposal as discussed in #5807 to improve our bridge usage
>> statistics.
> This is now proposal 201.  Thanks!

Thanks for adding the proposal!

However, I found that we may already have the data that I proposed to
collect in that proposal.  Here's why:

Some bridges report statistics that were originally designed for relays
only, including statistics on directory requests.  We throw these
statistics away in the sanitizing process, so they don't end up in the
tarballs.  I reported this problem in #5824.  But after thinking about
it more, I concluded that we might as well use the data instead of
starting to collect the very same thing in proposal 201.

I did a quick analysis of the April 2012 bridge descriptors to see if
the contained directory request statistics are usable.  The result is


I suggest to do the following three things:

 1. Kill proposal 201.  Oops.

 2. Discuss whether or not it's safe to leave directory requests
reported by bridges in the sanitized bridge descriptor tarballs.  I
think it's fine to leave them in, because they don't reveal any
information that an adversary could use to locate bridges.  Here's a
sample bridge descriptor with directory request statistics (the dirreq-*


 3. If there are no concerns in 2., publish bridge descriptor tarballs
containing directory request statistics in two weeks from now.

 4. Resume counting directory requests by country on bridges like we do
on relays.  Right now, we only count total requests in "dirreq-v3-resp
ok=304 [...]" lines, but we don't count requests by country which is why
there are empty "dirreq-v3-reqs" lines.  This isn't problematic for the
moment, because we can infer country distributions from "bridge-ips"
lines.  But we should start collecting by-country data, so that we can
simply look at "dirreq-v3-reqs" lines in the future.

Sorry for the chaos.  But I'm actually quite excited that we have good
data for estimating daily bridge users and don't have to start
collecting them now in the hope that they'll be useful in a year or two. :)


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