[tor-dev] [tor-assistants] Python metrics-lib

Damian Johnson atagar1 at gmail.com
Sun May 13 18:21:50 UTC 2012

Hi Beck. Unfortunately at this point you know far more about
descriptor crypto than me so I won't be much help. A quick search in
apt for 'pkcs' only came up with one python result, PyKCS11
(http://www.bit4id.org/trac/pykcs11), which looks to be mostly related
to smartcards. Hopefully Karsten will have some suggestions.

> PS. Are you guys getting email updates from ticket #5810? I'm doubting
> that you two are not actually CCed since no one is replying...

Yes. Both Karsten and I are subscribed to tor-bugs@ so we see all trac updates.

> PSS. Do we need to keep Ravi in this conversation?

Nope, everyone on this thread is on tor-dev@ already. If you aren't on
this list yourself then I'd suggest it. :)

> PSSS. Should I wrap up my email to 78 words per line?

Really doesn't matter. Some people care strongly about it, others
don't. I'm in the later camp but do it anyway since I think it looks a
little nicer and gmail defaults to 80-character wrap when you chose

Cheers! -Damian

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