[tor-dev] Orbot makefile / build update

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Mon May 7 15:55:38 UTC 2012

Nathan Freitas <nathan at freitas.net> wrote:

> Since the dawn of Orbot, way back in 2009, the onion routing robot app
> has been built using an unwieldy combination of tools, based on an
> extremely out of date method for cross-compiling C code for Android/ARM.
> In the 1.x era of Android, there was no Native Development Kit as their
> is now, but thanks to some craft individuals, scripts were developed to
> utilize the compilers found within the core Android OS build kit.
> However, this mean you had to build the entire Android OS to be able to
> build Orbot, and you were potentially relying upon highly unstable
> internal libraries.
> This week, I finally bit the bullet, and decided to rewrite the build
> process utilizing the more proper NDK tools, as well as utilize Git
> submodules as a means for managing retrieval and version control of
> dependencies. With the help of _hc, sebastian, rransom, vapourEyes, asn
> and others, I was able to work through the various issues of porting
> over to the more limited NDK environment, and come out with a properly
> formatted Makefile for building all native code that Orbot relies upon.
> At this point, I would love some clean eyes to look at this, try it out,
> ask questions and who knows, perhaps submit a patch or two.

Quoting BUILD:
| The Orbot repo also includes the Privoxy source code of a recent stable release.

Privoxy 3.0.12 was released in 2009, so I wouldn't call it a recent
release. Did you run into problems with more recent versions?
At least in theory they should work better.

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