[tor-dev] tbb-build for Windows [initial test feedback: Windows 7 x64]

Shondoit Walker shondoit at gmail.com
Sun May 6 19:28:20 UTC 2012

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Hey John,

> $ mv: cannot move 
> '/home/USERNAME/torbrowser/build-scripts/build-alpha-windows/build/firefox-12.0':
Persmission denied
> $ make: *** 
> [/home/USERNAME/torbrowser/build-scripts/build-alpha-windows/build/firefox-12.0]
Error 1
I'm not sure about this one. It might be a path length issue. It's
hard to tell without the full log. The last two lines hardly give any
context. Try what I sent in the previous mail ($ mkdir /c/Build) or if
that doesn't help mail some more log/context.

> 1) I had to set QTcore4.dll PATH environment variable 2) The zlib
> version you hard-coded (1.2.6) is out of date
These issues indicate you're not using my personal-build branch, since
both are fixed in that.

> 3) I got an error while installing QT: "The installer could not
> find a valid C:\MinGW\include\w32api.h (Only versions with W32API
> 3.13 are supported)". I didn't do anything to fix this error. I'm
> on 64 bit, if that matters.
This is a known issue with Qt, it's only a warning and everything
works fine regardless. It's documented in ./build-scripts/INSTALL if I
remember correctly.

> 4) Running your 'make -f build...' command (from the above quote)
> from C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\home\USERNAME\torbrowser gives the the
> following error. So, I had to cd into /build-scripts/ and then run
> 'make -f windows.mk...'
You can either cd into build-scripts or use -f
build-scripts/windows.mk instead. I prefer the former. The problem was
that I assumed the people testing it would be somewhat familiar with
the build process. My mistake

> P.S. I hammered together your personal-build repo, with
> torbrowser.git [0], using TortoiseGit. But that's inefficient and
> clumsy. I tried many ways to 'add' your personal-build repo using
> msysGit, following your directions I quoted above, but I always
> failed. Could you please e-mail a quick and dirty step-by-step for
> using msysGit wrt your personal-build repo? E.g., #1. $git clone
> torbrowser.git..., #2. $git add shondoit's_personal-build..., #3.
> $git checkout... ?
$ git remote add shondoit
$ git checkout -t shondoit/personal-build
But you got that from my last mail already.

> P.P.S. Because you wrote you want this tested on Windows XP, and I
> am currently unsure how to solve the build problem on Windows 7,
> I'm going to test your process on a fresh install of Windows XP
> SP3, on a clean VM (using VirutalBox). Hopefully, by the time I
> test on Windows XP, someone smarter than me can provide a solution
> for the above Firefox 12 build issue.
For my personal gain I would love it if you did both, but I understand
that you want to make it work first. No worries.


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