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Shondoit Walker shondoit at gmail.com
Sun May 6 01:19:33 UTC 2012

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The last couple of days I've been working on recreating my build
environment. I remember from the last time that it was a major PITA.
(Especially with outdated docs, that aside)
I decided to automate as much as possible and I came up with the
following bootstrapper.
It's a minimal bundle and contains 7zip and mingw-get needed to
completely deploy everything.

How it works is like follows:
The user downloads and extracts the package to C:\MinGW (for example)
Then double-clicks '.\install.cmd' and the process starts.
It will first copy the files to the necessary places and then runs
mingw-get to retrieve all packages.
After that it downloads and unpacks MsysGit (Yes, it integrates git
into mingw ;)
It downloads and unpacks CMake and lastly it sets some default
settings to integrate msysgit features into mingw, like git
Note that the entire thing is self-contained. It installs nothing.

For now, the user still needs to download the following manually, but
they can use the default install locations:
Qt, MSVS C++ Express, WinSDK 7.0, DirectX SDK

I could only use sha1sum for msysgit because it's the only one that
offers it. mingw-get might use hashes internally.
This entire process differs none from manually downloading all
packages in terms of integrity checking.

I'm not sure where I was going with this lil' project, but personally,
I'll keep using it.
I just thought sharing it would be a good idea. It might be a step in
the right direction for deterministic builds.

The source can be found at:

The latest package can be downloaded from:
Extract it to C:\MinGW and run install.cmd, after it's finished you
can start mingw with start.cmd

If you have a clean VM, with a default install of Windows 7, then
please try it out and let me know.
If you have a dirty Windows XP in the back of your closet, try it out
as well. I'd love to hear how it breaks and then improving it.
Note: you need to use my 'personal-build' branch from my personal tpo
repo since the latest patches have not been merged yet.
And you need to install Qt, MSVC, WinSDK and DX SDK, found here:





Qt needs to be installed /after/ tbb-build finished completely.
Don't forget to set-up Git (git config [...]), clone torbrowser.git,
add my personal repo, checkout 'personal-build'
And then the following should Just Work*?*:
$ make -f build-scripts/windows.mk build-all-binaries bundle

Good luck,


And regards,


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