[tor-dev] Improving Tor Hidden Services

Arturo Filastò art at baculo.org
Fri Mar 23 23:15:46 UTC 2012

Setting aside the issue related with usability there are also some
improvements that can be made to make Tor HS more performant.

I will summarize here the ideas that have been brought forward along
with some
that are not detailed anywhere and would like to see more interest in.

I would suggest to start collecting all the information regarded to Tor HS
improvements on this wiki page:

With respect to what is already on that page I got some feedback from
on those two items on IRC, but I did not note them down. It would be
good if you
were to summarize the critiques here or on the wiki page.

Also there are a set of proposals that are related to Tor HS
improvements that
have been abandoned for some time and I believe it would be useful to
them inside of that wiki page.

The proposals are:

Filename: 121-hidden-service-authentication.txt
Title: Hidden Service Authentication

Filename: 142-combine-intro-and-rend-points.txt
Title: Combine Introduction and Rendezvous Points

Filename: 143-distributed-storage-improvements.txt
Title: Improvements of Distributed Storage for Tor Hidden Service

Filename: 155-four-hidden-service-improvements.txt
Title: Four Improvements of Hidden Service Performance

Filename: 194-mnemonic-urls.txt
Title: Mnemonic .onion URLs

and also this inside of the ideas, that is loosely related to #194, but
instead of offering
an encoding it offers a petname system:

Filename: xxx-onion-nyms.txt
Title: .onion nym system

The single most important thing I believe is needed in Tor Hidden
Service is Encrypted services.
These can be seen, in a way, as the reverse of Tor2web mode. It allows
people to publish Hidden Services
with no anonymity, but have the Tor end-to-end encryption and
performance improvements.
I see these to be the future of what was previously done, poorly, with
Tor Exit Enclaves. One that
wishes to have an end-to-end encrypted tunnel from Tor clients can run
an encrypted service and have
a reduced number of hops from the IP and RP.

Roger started writing up a spec on this and it can be found here:

Filename: xxx-encrypted-services.txt
Title: Encrypted services as a replacement to exit enclaving

- Art.

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