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jvoisin julien.voisin at dustri.org
Mon Jun 4 15:20:09 UTC 2012

the "community bonding period" is over for quite some time now,
but as I have previously said in my application,
I (unfortunately) won't be able to start my GSoC until the 8th of June.

So far, I managed to build Tails in a virtual machine,
in a tmpfs, using a proxy (to avoid spamming Debian's mirrors);
but also using vagrant[1]. It takes me only
a couple of minutes to build Tails on my machine, which
is a good news.

About the testing environment now:
It seems like liveCD testing is not something
that interest people very much. The autotesting repo[3]
of debian-live is a 404, and even if it wasn't,
the documentation is lacking.
The "mainstream way" for doing system-wide/vm/liveCD tests is
autotest[4], but it seems completely overkill to me.

This is why I am currently playing around with lettuce[2],
a nice Python-powered BDD tool.

Hopefully, my next status update will be more

Have a nice day

1. https://tails.boum.org/contribute/build/#index1h1
2. http://lettuce.it/
3. http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-live/autotesting.git
4. http://autotest.github.com/

-- jvoisin

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