[tor-dev] [GSoC] APAF Report

Michele Orrù maker.py at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 12:56:18 UTC 2012

As Daniel suggested, I'm writing this email to keep you updated on my
Google Summer of Code Project - APAF.

Following the hackathon of the 18-21 May, we reached a working build
environment, and a primitive administration page. Below follows a brief
update about what is the current status of the software:

Development: I've defined what a service really is in terms of
implementation, and approached the administration service (the "panel")
in such a way that any future application may hide or completely
override it. This shall give not only a comfortable user experience but
also elasticity to the software.

Testing: unittests cover most of the software, but even though APAF is
still in an embrional state, I would be glad anyway to receive some
feedbacks from you, about which OS the apaf was tested on and any bug
you were able to find.

Documentation: currently is disorganized, and splitted between sphynx
and github wiki. But, the data is there, and I promise that on the next
days I will merge/rewrite the two :)
Anyway, the code is highly documented, in my opinion the generated
sphynx documentation is acceptable.

Deployment: I kept working on the build system, which at the current
revision works on windows, osx and as vanilla python .egg., but there
are still some issues - for example, the automation of .deb build and
blobbing external tools on windows.

In case you need a quick link to the project, https://github.com/mmaker/apaf


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