[tor-dev] [Stegotorus] chop server to client handshake and the url dictionary

vmon vmonmoonshine at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 16:35:34 UTC 2012

Hey Zack,

I'm working on changing how client sends info to the server for
ApachePayloadServer, according to our discussion. This is how
it's going to be for now. The server sends a list of file in some
order to the client at the begining of the conversation. The client
will send its coded request by chosing a url a from the list and a
parameter that it sends to that file such as:


For this I need to send the list of files somewhere to the client. I
looked at the paper and paper says that on a new link the server will
send a reply to the handshake of the client with ECDH data. I thought
there would be a good place to send these data as well. Unfortunately
I couldn't spot that in the code. Could you please tell me where that
is happening?

Another option is to assign an opcode to this operation, and when the
client receive that opcode then, it will process the packet differntly
rather than just write its content in upstream event buffer.

For now I suppose that the client has the list and write the code from
that point till you give me more info.


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