[tor-dev] IRC meeting to plan sponsor L milestones on Wed July 18, 15:00 UTC in #tor-dev

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Fri Jul 20 03:38:30 UTC 2012

On Thu, 19 Jul 2012 19:55:52 -0400
Roger Dingledine <arma at mit.edu> wrote:

First off, let me welcome tor-dev and the world to the sausage factory
of open source projects.

> You should definitely put them somewhere. But be sure to retain the
> original text too, so we can go back and compare if we need to later.

Won't the past text and the diff be in the wiki history for the page?

> All of that said, I totally agree that for #1, we need to be sure
> Andrew and the funder both understand that we can't promise that
> we'll deploy any particular transport protocol -- the first step is
> research, and that means step two must stay flexible.

I expect the pushback to be along the lines of "this is a deployment
goal, not a research goal". If http/dns is bad, then we should figure
out some way to deploy two unique transports in the wild.

> Andrew is hoping to use this as an opportunity to explore "hire
> people who will do great work and not charge American prices".
> Apparently our current Farsi translator is one such person, and
> Andrew hopes we find more.

The language-specific support is part-time, at best. 

> We have four separate directions in mind for this "community manager"
> notion (not all funded by SponsorL, mind you):
> 1) Relay operator coordinator. Somebody to keep relay operators happy
> and in touch with us, encourage people to set up new relays, organize
> recommended configurations, etc. Especially important in tandem with
> our "network diversity" work at #6232.
> 2) Volunteer-developer coordinator. Somebody to take incoming
> volunteers and help them find good existing projects to work on.
> Likely involves making our volunteer page more usable. Should also
> include knowing enough about every project to recognize and identify
> good low-hanging fruit, and knowing enough about our priorities to
> make smart decisions. 3) Blog/forum/mailinglist coordinator, to make
> sure our users have useful answers, and ultimately to manage and
> organize the volunteers who make sure our users have useful answers.
> 4) Social media person, to be our face on twitter, etc.
> I believe the plan is for Runa to cover #4, and for us to contract
> somebody in our relay operator community part-time for #1 to start. I
> think there is no plan for #2 and #3 yet; but I'd love it if we could
> get somebody part-time for #2.

Actually, we have three roles. #4 is the same as #3. Whether it's
mailing list, forum, twitter, facebook, google+, whatever, the role is
the same. 

> >  Runa is wondering why we want
> > funding for languages no one has emailed us in (Spanish and French);
> > though nobody has emailed us in Arabic, either.

We have only told people we can handle English and Farsi at this point.
Once we announce others, they will come.

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