[tor-dev] New Identity/Client attacks?

Daniel Dennis sdjfjsdfiuhszduh at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 12 17:38:40 UTC 2012

I'm doing a little brainstorming to properly secure my app specifically
made for tor.

I notice vidalia has a new identity button. I pressed it and couldn't
tell what it did. While looking at the network view i saw a few
connections get closed (but not all) and that was about it.

It appears every TCP connection creates a new circuit. Is this right?
Does this mean every connection i make cannot be associated with

Finally my last question related to identities is. If a client connects
to a hidden service many times is it possible to discover who he is?
Perhaps by using timing attacks, cookies, looking at IPs connected to
the network etc? Where can i read about it? I don't believe relays know
when clients connect to the network unless the client connects to the
relay as its first node (is that relay called an entrance relay?)

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