[tor-dev] Onionoo in Python

Norman Danner ndanner at wesleyan.edu
Wed Jul 11 15:51:43 UTC 2012

(Side-conversation that got off of tor-dev@, bring it back.)

Based on what Sathya has to say, along with our own playing around with 
plain Twisted, I'm inclined to agree that Cyclone provides enough extra 
value to justify the additional dependency.

Sathya, do you want to work on the back-end while we work on the 
front-end (starting with the code you've already written)?

	- Norman

On 7/11/12 12:58 AM, Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran wrote:
> Also, the python version of Onionoo is going to use databases instead of
> flat files and Cyclone has built in support for Redis and other databases.
> On Jul 11, 2012 7:27 AM, "Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran" <
> gsathya.ceg at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Too painful for a general web application?  Or just too painful overall?
>>> Since we're only really serving three (parameterized) resources and have
>> one
>>> kind of response (JSON), a web application framework might be overkill.
>> I meant that Twisted is much more verbose, the API isn't as nice as
>> Cyclone, and we'll have to do a bit of work manually ourselves instead
>> of letting the framework do it(like routing, setting proper response
>> codes, etc). Hmm, I guess we could just use twisted since we are
>> serving just three resources, but if the application gets a little
>> more complex then things could tricky pretty fast with twisted.
>> -Sathya

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