[tor-dev] Fwd: Stem Descriptor Parsers

Ravi Chandra Padmala neenaoffline at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 17:47:53 UTC 2012

Forwarding Megan's email because it looks like it's stuck in the
mailing list's moderation queue.

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From: Megan Chang <mchang01 at wesleyan.edu>
Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 9:24 PM
Subject: [tor-dev] Stem Descriptor Parsers
To: neenaoffline at gmail.com
Cc: Erik I Islo <eislo at wesleyan.edu>, Norman Danner
<ndanner at wesleyan.edu>, tor-dev at lists.torproject.org

Hi Ravi,

We're currently working on data export for Stem and were wondering if
you could clarify the following paragraph from your recent email:

> It's highly unlikely that I'll be able to work on the descriptor
parsers before the mid-term evaluation. I do have a large amount of
buffer time at the end of the program which should be more than enough
to implement them, even after taking Hofstadter's law into account

Which descriptor parsers are you referring to, as some are already
implemented? A lot of what we're working on in Tor Export overlaps
your work regarding descriptor parsers. Seeing that it is unlikely for
you to complete your work on them in the near future, do you mind if
we take on the minor task of working on descriptor parsers? Also, just
for our reference, when is your mid-term evaluation?

- Erik & Megan


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