[tor-dev] Simulating a slow connection

Steven Murdoch Steven.Murdoch at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 26 16:39:34 UTC 2012

Hi Adam,

On 20 Jan 2012, at 10:55, Adam Katz wrote:

> Well, I myself didn't have anything specific in mind but i have some
> experience with the linux tc utility as well as with generating
> realistic background traffic. I was wondering whether I could help on
> any of the existing projects or help establish a new one.

I think Nick's comments summarized the current state of thinking. ExperimenTor and Shadow are the best Tor simulators to use for this project. The big missing pieces are:
- an automated framework for setting up experiments with slow Internet connections with ExperimenTor and Shadow, then collecting and summarizing results
- Tools for generating realistic link characteristics (delay and packet dropping), and for collecting data on the link properties found in particular locations


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