[tor-dev] Port of python Tor controller library to C++

Tomás Touceda chiiph at torproject.org
Fri Jan 20 23:37:28 UTC 2012

On 1/20/12 2:45 PM, Giang Nguyen wrote:
>> I'm not sure if you want to work with Qt, but may be you should take a
>> look at Vidalia's torcontrol classes:
>> https://gitweb.torproject.org/vidalia.git/tree/HEAD:/src/torcontrol
> Thanks, Tomas, for the suggestion.
> I actually tried to use Vidalia's Tor control code back in late 2010
> when I looked for a C/C++ controller, but I chose not to use it for
> several reasons: it lacked (and I think still does) the path
> selection, Qt is a huge dependency, and I wasn't yet familiar with Qt
> dev.
> I was sidetracked for a while -- learning Qt dev in the process -- so
> now Vidalia's looks pretty attractive. Since I was almost done with my
> port, however, I might as well try to finish it and release it.

Yes, Qt is a big dep, but we use it for everything (and I prefer it
instead of boost, but that's just me).

Good luck with the port, if you ever want to work on Vidalia's classes
join us in #vidalia or #tor-dev at OFTC or just drop a ticket or two in

Patches are always welcome :)
Tomás Touceda

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